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Wireless Kit Wont comunicate!

By v_echeverry ·
I have been asked to setup a small wireless network for my bf's father and his wife, on their laptops, mainly to share internet.
I bought a Netgear ADSL Wireless Firewall Router DG834G, and MA111, and a PCI Wireless card that came with the bundle. (Siorry i cannot recall the name at this moment).
The kit doesnt seem to wanna talk to one another,
One of the laptops is XP pro, and it talks to the router. The router doesnt go into the internet, even though i put in as much detail as was sent to the owners by their ISP.
The other laptop is Windows ME, and that one doesnt appear to see the Router.
As far as i can see, everything is on the same cxhannel, same ssid, same ip range, so everyithing
should work.
Except, it doesnt, I cant fidn how to tell the pcs that the router is their connection to the internet.
Netgear suggests in all their manuals to SWITCH OFF windows own wireless setup wizard, and wireless things.
Its just so frustrating, coz i always get so near and yet so far. I've spent some sundays trying to sort it, still none the wiser, so i know it would be something simple im overlooking. Please help!.
Thank you.

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Check standards

by ippirate In reply to Wireless Kit Wont comuni ...

If both the DG834G and MA111 are from NetGear then they are incompatible. One is g and the other b, you may want to check the PCI wireless as well for issues.

How are you determining that the router won't connect to the internet?

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Wireless Kit Wont comunicate!

by bw In reply to Wireless Kit Wont comuni ...

Are you using static IP or DHCP ?
Please tell me the placement of the router in relation to the router provided by your ISP.
Are they directly connected ?
Can you traceroute,ping or see the outside world when you have just a computer connected to your ISP?
I may be able to offer assistance if you tell me exactly how your network is layed out.

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