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By Dave_Oliver ·
I have recently purchased an Actiontec ADSL Router/Modem and a Linksys USB Wireless NIC.

When I switch my XP machine on I can connect to the internet quite happily, however after a short period of time Internet explorer starts sayin page cant be found. When I investigate the wireless connection has failed. If I reboot the router and reconnect all is fine again for a short period of time and it happens again. Can anyone give me any pointers ? Thanks

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by cp7212 In reply to Wireless LAN

If you've ruled out interference, Windows has a powersave mode on the adapters for your wireless devices and if you use any USB, those also.

The first fix is to check your wireless adapter. Go into your device manager, expand your network adapters, right-click on the one you are using, properties, Power Management tab, untick the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power." This function is always on by default.

There is a second setting there also for bringing your computer out of standby. If you don't use standby, don't worry about it.

I'm assuming you're connecting via PCI card or the like, but if you're using a USB device, again go to device manager, USB root hubs, same thing...

If you're using an external antenna for your client, post back and I'll give you more instruction.

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by Dave_Oliver In reply to Wireless LAN

I have ruled out interference, powersave mode on the adapter and the USB device itself.

I am connecting via USB and have power save mode turned off for all USB hubs

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by matthewsheeran In reply to Wireless LAN

You may find that it is noise on the line and poor quality telephone cable or even a marginal one thats play up after heavy rain when the twisted pair is old!!!
You should be checking your router's status indicated (and i dont mean just by the LEDs but) by the HTML admin access port status page to see if is still connected to your provider! then call your telephone company to check your telephone line! ;-) Other issue is "hung ports" at your providers end...

I have my own issue with a DLink DWL-650G that doesn't use Windows Wireless Zero Configuration but its own proggy and doesnt therefore reconnect to the WLAN after a standby/hibernate.
Solution follows that has the same effect as a
Disable + Enable through Network Connections to get up and running again but without the hassle just put the script on your desktop or in Quick Launch:
@echo off
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

@echo off
ipconfig /release "Wireless Network Connection"
ipconfig /renew "Wireless Network Connection"


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by matthewsheeran In reply to

GEEZE and this guys supposed to be an IT Manager - heaven help us! No wonder i can't get a job back in IT with dicks like this to work for!!!

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