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I am having a problem with my laptop connecting via the wireless router. I have a new (purchased in March 2007) HP notebook (running Windows XP) with built in wireless card. I am connecting using a Netgear g wireless router I got some years ago. I have cable internet (roadrunner).
Sorry if this question is so long, I tried to put as much information as I could in it.

The problem is, I can connect and load webpages but sometimes I get the "Page not found" screen. I can refresh and refresh and it doesn't work, sometimes it will work. Sometimes I have to open a new window and retype the address to get the page to load. Sometimes when I log into a site, it doesn't log me on and goes to the "page not found" screen. Sometimes images just load as the box with an X in it.

I have a desktop hooked up to the same modem and no problems with the desktop, it loads perfectly. I am not sure if it is the router, a setting on my laptop, the connection, placement of the router. I am not a technical person, I know enough to get me by using the computer but I can't find the problem.

It will work perfectly one day or for several days and now it is back to the page not found problem today.
It will sometimes say 54 Mbps to 24 Mbps and anywhere from Excellent to Low connection.

I have deleted my Temp internet files, cookies and all that. I have reset my router too.

I am stumped, or is this a problem with Wireless?? My son is wanting to hook up his Xbox 360 wireless too, and it is in the same room that I mainly use the laptop in so I'm not sure if it will suffer the same problem. (the router sits about 60 feet away on the same story, maybe that is my problem?)

Any help is appriciated!

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