Wireless limited using unsecured neighbor even in school on Vista

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Hi: I have a windows vista Laptop xps for 7 months and there was no problem before suddenly I can not connect to a Wireless Network any more, it says ( Wireless Limited ) I diagnosed the network and asked me to move to another location or use local connection wire network. I did tried all of these solving but it didn't work at all. The signal strength is excellent. Please help to solve the problem. Anybody know? Thanks very much.

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have you.....

by ---TK--- In reply to Wireless limited using un ...

tried reseting your router? I have noticed this on my own network with vista, every so often I will have to unplug my router for 30 sec. plug it back in. Then reboot, that usually fixes the issue for me.

Added: When your out and about I would release and renew your IP, that works for me 80% of the time. The other times I reboot.

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by christophervickers In reply to have you.....

Unfortunately I dont have a huge amount of experience on Vista, however when it says there is limited or no connectivity run command promt and type Ipconfig/all that will display the IP settings. Tell us what it says. This will let us know what bit of your network isn't working.

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Problem has been solved.

by nmqtabt In reply to Run IPCONFIG

Hi folks, thanks for tips infact, I did tried all of your way but didn't work at all for my vista. Look the problem has been solved by this procedure: First I uninstalled the wireless driver and reinstalled 3 times but didn't work. 2nd, I checked all microsoft website a follow the this link and did it step by step guess what? didn't work at all. I gave up. 3rd finally I went to safe mode run window recovery for mind's sake and there after window worked back to normal. Men, I was so frustrated about this problem that wackied me for a couple of days.

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Microsoft link I forgot to let you all know as follow:

by nmqtabt In reply to Problem has been solved.

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