Wireless Linksys on a VLAN

By jfdpratt ·
I have a VLAN dedicated to one department and things are working fine. There is going to be a practice drill in the near future and I would like to have wireless in the conference room. The VLAN is 10.15.16.X with a subnet. The DHCP pool is ending at for that VLAN/department.

What I've done is hook up a Linksys Wireless router to the VLAN giving it a static IP of, outside the DHCP range. I continued the DHCP from the router for the wireless users. The wireless users get an IP, are able to surf the net, and even Remote Desktop to a computer on another VLAN. The issue is that I can't print to a network printer that is on the same VLAN, or access servers that are normally accesable from this VLAN.

Is there something that I'm missing? Haven't looked into setting up static routes in the Linksys yet. Wasn't sure if this was something that would be fixed by a static route. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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ah... wireless router....

by CG IT In reply to Wireless Linksys on a VLA ...

what's the point of a wireless "router" in the infrastructure residing on a VLAN? A wireless access point connected to the switch and assigned an address in the VLan pool would do the same thing as a router but without allowing traffic to other VLans on the switch. For that matter, why have VLans at all one the switch if your going to allow the router to route traffic between them?

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ah. . . . and AP

by jfdpratt In reply to ah... wireless router... ...

I'm not really looking to traffic across the VLANs. Pretty much I just need to have wireless access for this drill, as well as other real time issues that arrise. The access I need them to have is to a network printer currently located in the same conference room, and to a snap server that everyone in the building already has access too.

We had a router last night and tried that. I guess an AP would be more appropriate since there is no routing that needs to be done. I'll have to get an AP and try it out.

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I agree, what you're doing is overkill with a router

by Why Me Worry? In reply to ah. . . . and AP

All you are trying to do is create a wireless "hub" for your devices and not so much route traffic, which is what a router would do. You simply need an access point to establish connectivity.

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as long as the printer has a wireless NIC

by CG IT In reply to ah. . . . and AP

you only need an Access Point. then wirless laptops can can connect to the access point and print to the wireless printer.

Vlans don't communicate with other VLans on a switch [one capable of creating Vlans]. To get different Vlans on a switch to communicate with each other you need to use a router. So sticking a routing in there will only open up traffic across Vlans so you defeat the purpose of a Vlan which is to group devices connected to a switch together then segment those grouping of devices from each other. If you need inter-VLan communications then by all means stick a router in there.

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DHCP scope on wireless router

by randy In reply to Wireless Linksys on a VLA ...

Is the VLAN feeding the WAN port on the wireless router? What is the DHCP scope on the wireless router? It almost sounds like you continued with something like ... the same subnet. That would make the router very unhappy since it's trying to route to the same network. If that's what you did, set the wireless router scope to a different subnet so it can route to it.

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