Wireless Mesh Networks or Wimax ?

By paul ·
I would like to have an honest opinion here of experts about the controversy of using either Wireless Mesh Technology or WiMax. I am of the opinion that both should be combined in certain topologies. Furthermore there has been said so much about WiMax mobility and I have not heard/seen yet a truly working model opposed to Wireless Mesh.

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Mesh newer?

by Dr Dij In reply to Wireless Mesh Networks or ...

it seems to me that WiMax is starting to be implemented, and they are hashing out the problems that occur. Such as the australian company that didn't follow mfgr recs for layout and had probs.

But I've heard little about anyone implementing mesh networks, just that some companies are developing the hardware. You're right, I don't think they are mutually exclusive as mesh is a topology and wimax is the transmission hardware and protocols.

Maybe the problem is that hype following wimax, people think they can get huge distances, but those are only under ideal conditions and speed also probably drops off heavily near the farthest. But you do get good speed for a portion of the max distance I hear.

Mesh adds another layer of complication as you need reliable protocols to forward packets in and out of the mesh via wireless (which most likely could be wimax?)

I guess you have to figure out if the more complicated network of having wireless mesh routers out in the middle of nowhere - for example, extending high speed wire conx out onto unwired rural farms - if you are not managing the hardware yourself, can be problems. that's why instead microwave repeaters and cell towers proliferate as the installers still control it.

If you can use governance in a similar way, like a campus or one very large property where you can get to the mesh routers then shouldn't be a problem.

But I think they are more bleeding edge than wimax which is now rolling out. They promise much greater area rather than linear repeater type coverage in return for their added complexity. I foresee them as the natural extension of suburban to rural networks.

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Thanks for your insight !

by paul In reply to Mesh newer?

Hi, thanks for your insight, I just need to say that they are numerous wireless meshes up and running throughout the world, and they work as I have seen by myself and tested. Furthermore, I deploy different MW equipment including Mesh which so far has not dissapointed us yet, however I would like to see a true WiMax mesh work with true mobility because I need to know if it is reliable and where it has been implemented. Regards, Paul

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