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    Wireless mesh networks


    by ian ·

    Here in a remote corner of the UK we run a wireless mesh network to 90 subscribers spread over about 30 square miles. This network uses 14 single card mesh boxes with access ponts and routers at each user location. It has its limits on traffic volume and is badly affected by heavy downloaders.

    We have a dilemma. Should we move to multiple card boxes or dispense with the mesh approach all together and rebuild the network using line of sight or non line of sight bridges to raise the level of capacity and the stability of the network. We wish to use our subscribers money wisely.

    Does anyone have experience of building and using a bridge based network?

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      by ian ·

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      wireless mesh networks

      by shabzbd ·

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      hi ian, i was wondering whether u solved the issue that u had at hand.

      I am from Bangladesh. We are planning to deploy a mesh newtork here. I was thinking whether I could get in touch with u?? my email would be



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