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    wireless mouse not recognized


    by dcrabtree ·

    wireless mouse not responding
    I have a wireless keyboard and mouse. The mouse is not responding at all. The keyboard keeps working. Changed batteries. Also the pc will not boot up while the receiver is connected (USB); I must connect it after windows XP startup logo appears and then it will continue booting ok; the keyboard works fine. The mouse does not turn on.

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      by dcrabtree ·

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      What brand of mouse? does it have a power LED?

      by robo_dev ·

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      Sometimes it helps to clean the battery contacts with a pencil eraser.

      If you can verify that battery voltage is present at the contacts of the mouse, and it won’t power on, then it has failed.

      There is a BIOS setting regarding ‘USB legacy devices’. This should be enabled or else your PC will try to boot from the keyboard.

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      Go into your bios in the usb section make sure that “Legacy” is marked .

      by Anonymous ·

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      “Enable”. You may need to have a PS/2 keyboard (old keyboard) for this, then press “F10” on your keyboard, this will bring up a page asking you for conformation press the “Y” (for yes) key, the computer will now restart. Hopefully when you connect your usb devices they will work. ATTENTION!!.Before you do any of this, please install any software that came with either the keyboard and/or mouse.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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