Wireless nano network??

By aiWel ·
Hey guys.

I have a major problem. I have recently moved to a new appartment and I found out that i have a terrible internet connection. There is only possible to get internet from 4G and the speed is approximate 2 mbit/s.

And that is too slow for my usage...

BUT! I know a guy that has 500 mbit internet connection and his house is around 200 meters from my appartment. I have talked to him and he said that he have heard that he can install a wireless nano system to share his internet to me. That sounds awesome in my ears and maybe a solution for my problem.

There is almost free of sight, not 100% because there is 2 trees in the line. But beside that i can see his house and it should be possible.

So now I want some help choosing good enough products that could help me out. What do I need for gear?

What do you think of 2 x Ubiquiti Nano AC5 ( Is this enought?

Thanks in advice.
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Nano Station M2

by 1bn0 In reply to Wireless nano network??

What we used for customer installs at the job I just left.

Basically you set one up as a Wifi access point with its own SSID and then configure the remote as wireless network port back to the originator.

I believe the rated range is 13 Km but we usually installed for gap of 300 to 700 feet.

I think the POE power supplies are a separate purchase.

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