Wireless network

By vbranderhorst ·
I am unable to connect my laptop to a wireless network. IP config /all shows that media is disconnected. This is in Win XP, I disabled media sensing with a registry key,so the "media disconnected" has gone but still cannot detect the wireless network. I have reset the modem router, updated the drivers, for the wireless NIC. Still unable to detect the network. Any ideas?

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is the wireless card disabled on laptop?

by IT cowgirl In reply to Wireless network

Check in your network settings to ensure your laptop wireless card is not disabled.

Also, is the wireless router you have set to hide the name of your wireless network?

And have you configured your laptop for your wireless network at home?

And is your laptop setup to reveive ip via DHCP?

And are you receiving an IP address? Not the 169.x.x.x which is not a real IP.

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Wireless LAN

by vbranderhorst In reply to is the wireless card disa ...

I have checked all suggestions, everything is in order. However, I found out that I am not getting a connection because of my WPA security settings. Once security is disabled on the router I have connectivity. I believe the problem is with router configuration because the WLAN light goes off as soon as WPA is enabled.

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Seen that before.....

by rdubrey In reply to Wireless LAN

I have seen that before. Some older laptops didn't have the same type of security built into their cards and just wouldn't connect at all. Anyway, I am not sure if that is it but I had the same problem with one of my laptops for awhile and I had to go back to WEP to use the laptop until I got something newer.


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need to upgrade

by vbranderhorst In reply to Seen that before.....

Thanks, I will switch to WEP until I get a chance to upgrade the router firmware.

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What model or brand of the Modem Router and the wireless adapter?

by shinodam In reply to Wireless network

What model or brand of the Modem Router and the wireless adapter? It's better you troubleshoot before you update the firmware as you're not able to connect the wireless maybe it could be either your modem router or wireless adapter is failure. Have you tried to test or borrow from your friend for both items? Maybe it could shorten your problems.

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