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By Orrbit ·
Need help setting up secure wireless network. Was able to make files available offline. Now it won't let me and tells me the file cannot be found. Everything was working fine, until I tried to turn on the security features (WEP & Shared Key). Now I cannot access my desktop computers hard drive from my wireless laptop. I have to hardwire it to the router & sync has become a problem also. PLEASE HELP ME.

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by LMon In reply to Wireless network

As far as not being able to network the two computers it seems like you have sometype of firewall on the wireless computer that is affecting your wireless connection. check both computers though and make sure you either have the firewall configured correctly or disable it. As far as sync goes make sure they are no bridges if this is the wireless connection if it's on the wireless computer. If it's on the router itself you may have to upgrade the firmware on the router or you modem.

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by Orrbit In reply to

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by jcreaghan In reply to Wireless network

If these are Windows boxes make sure you enadle adhoc mode if you do not have a wireless access point. Adhoc sucks, but if you do not have a WAP, you're going to have to use it.

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by brian In reply to Wireless network

It sounds pretty simple, you didn't setup the WEP properly. The WEP will always lock you out if the key is not exactly right.

Connect with the ethernet cable and login to the router.

Turn WEP off at the router and then on the laptop too.

Disconnect the cable and try the wireless again.

If it works you know it is the WEP. The keys can be hex or ascii and different numbers of characters. Both devices have to be the same. You can only use the maximum bits available on either device. Almost all devices have the ability to drop down to lower levels with a menu setting. You also might want to consider if you want windows to manage wireless settings on laptop or if you want to use software that came with the wireless card or was installed on the machine. Usually all devices come with their own software that can be used instead of windows wireless networking advanced settings.

The networking and the WEP are basically 2 different things. The network is like a door and the WEP is like the lock.

It sounds like you just need to get your key matched to the lock. But since the door won't open, take the lock off first to confirm that the door works before you waste time on the lock.

The basic WEP settings are
How many bits- which means how long is the key
Ascii or HEX - what characters are used

The settings need to be the same as do the keys.
It is easy to enter the wrong key.

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by Orrbit In reply to Wireless network

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