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    Wireless Network


    by dominiclct ·

    If we share internet by wireless network, it’s that access point work as SWITCH (share internet for 24pc at same speed) or HUB (share internet by averange)?

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      Wireless Network

      by thechas ·

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      The internet connection speed will be split among the all current users, but NOT always equally.

      1 user on-line will get the slower of the internet connection speed or the network speed.

      2 users on-line will split the internet connection speed. It could either be an equal share, or 1 user may get priority and have more of the bandwidth.

      File downloads tend to hold a greater percentage of the shared bandwidth than browsing.

      Regular network traffic will also impact the internet bandwidth that each user has.


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      Reply To: Wireless Network

      by donmars ·

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      A switch always trumps a hub since it does not broacast every packet and only sends information to the node it is addressed to, so this saves on bandwidth.

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