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Wireless Network

By lakshman.rao ·
If I want to design my wireless network based on bluetooth what is the infrastructure needed? Is Wireless Access Point is similar to Network interface card? How is each device is addressed in the wireless network?

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Wireless Network

by Alpha-Male In reply to Wireless Network

To work with Bluetooth, all you need are Bluetooth enabled products. I highly recommend the Orinoco Gold...very sweet.

The Wireless Access Point is a base station...a receiver. Often it will offer hub/router and even print server capabilities.
You configure your addresses much like any other network interface. Your access point will provide software/instructions to connect to it and configure it.

The big concern regarding wireless technologies just now is security. Consider this carefully when setting your network up.

Here's a good article that may offer some useful assistance.,3396,s=1034&a=13521,00.asp

(delete any spaces in the URL).

Good Luck...hope this helps.

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by wlbowers In reply to Wireless Network

Hope you are going to have all of the devices in one room.

Bluetooth is not designed for distance or walls.


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by wlbowers In reply to

You should know that according to the today?s specification the bandwidth of a Bluetooth channel working in asynchronous mode doesn?t exceed 720Kbit/sec, while in synchronous mode it is even smaller: around 400Kbit/sec.

Notice these numbers use the kilobit instead of megabit.


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