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Wireless network being disabled

By KenWright119 ·
I have a new hard drive installed in my laptop. I am running XP Professional SP3. I need my wireless connection to be DHCP and the ethernet card to be static. When I set the IP address up in the properties for the card it accepts it no problem. When I plug the cable in and go to ipconfig after about 10 seconds (about mid way thru I see both IP addresses) the wireless is saying disconnected. When I go to network connections is is saying it is not connected. When I unplug the cable the wirless works fine.

Thanks for any advice
Ken Wright

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wireless network being disabled

by bgcr In reply to Wireless network being di ...

a lot of wireless adapters have a setting which disables wireless when an ethernet cable is plugged in. sounds as if you may have to find the setting. that's the only thing i can think of as the network connections are entirely separate (as you know) in network connections under XP. You could perhaps try a different wireless adapter.
perhaps one other thing may be a clash of antivirus programs or an antivirus program that has expired or even a virus - but I doubt it.

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bgcr is correct

by jqbecker In reply to Wireless network being di ...

Some laptops do have a setting to disable WIFI when wired network is connected.
You may be able to change this through BIOS or perhaps in WinXP if your manufacturer has included a WIFI utility.

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Both connections!!!???

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Wireless network being di ...

And one more thing you cannot connected to the same network through 2 Network cards at the same time, be they be any type of network card, either wired or wireless. This is not possible, hence one of the cards will disconnect. If you trying to connect to different networks with both the network cards then it is possible, but with proper routings, etc.

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Thanks again for any help

by KenWright119 In reply to Wireless network being di ...

I have checked in BIOS and i do not see anything in there that may affect the wifi if an ethernet cable is connected. I have found a program that is showing up in my start up file but not in add remove programs. The program is called "Direct Line Detect". Doing some searching on the program it may be part of my problem. Trying to figure out now how to delete it totally since it does not show up in remove programs and there is no uninstall from them. The only place it shows up in is the file "Digital Line Detect" under programs.

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Problem Solved

by KenWright119 In reply to Wireless network being di ...

Problem is fixed now. Looks like IT installed the latest and greatest software they use for the company. We are strictly IBM users here. With IBM they installed their "ThinkConnect" software. When IT set it up it was set to access the internet on which ever connection was strongest. Not only they IBM has a problem now with that software interfacing with older NIC cards. I deleted the "ThinkConnect" software and went straight through windows wireless and poof.....problem gone. Thanks again for any and all support/answers.

Sincerely Ken Wright

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