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Wireless Network Camera Configuration Puzzle

By callcomm1 ·
I have 2 IP cameras with both connected to individual wireless clients. I have a 3rd client connected to a computer where the cameras are actually monitored. The cameras are located a great distance from the monitoring station, so I have an access point set up as a repeater to communicate between the clients.

I am attempting to add a 3rd camera to the network, but when I power up the 3rd camera which is connected to another wireless client the video system bogs down or even freezes up. My question is if I reconfig the ap repeater to just an ap would this lessen the traffic jam? Would anyone recommend another configuration?

Current config:
Monitor "client" <-> "APrepeater" <-> 3 Camera "clients".

One camera is located close enough so that I could communicate directly with the monitor client if need be without having to communicate through the repeater. The other 2 camera locations however have too much obstruction in the way(a power plant) to communicate directly with the monitor client.

Would this config work?

Monitor "Client" <->AP<->2ea camera client

Could the monitor client simultaneously communicate effectively with the repeater and a separate camera connected directly to another access point?

Thanks in advance. All clients and the repeater are using high gain external antennas. The clients have 27db parabolic antennas and the ap repeater is connected to a 12db omni. The coax used is LMR400.

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