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By Fvillasenor ·
My company is looking to set up a wireless network for internet access for internal and external clients.For security purposes the wireless connection will be kept seperate from the existing Lan.Internal users utilizing Wi-Fi will use our VPN to access resources on the Lan.My question - If I go with the above set up,should I add a firewall to this network? Any comments,suggestions on the above is appreciated.

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by CG IT In reply to Wireless Network Configur ...

so what are you going to use to subnet the wireless off the company LAN where they can then use VPN in? A wireless router? If so, what's the plan for VPN in? there has to be some authentication method for VPN clients and typically in a Windows AD environment with a RADIUS or RRAS server, inbound is on an external interface. How are clients behind a firewall protecting the external interface authentication with a RADIUS or RRAS server listening on the external interface?

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by w2ktechman In reply to Wireless Network Configur ...

It is a good idea to have a firewall on all connections that are used to go out to the Internet. so Yes, add a firewall. Also, block all unneeded ports.

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by mshavrov In reply to Wireless Network Configur ...

You should install firewall(s) between WHAT you want to protect and FROM WHAT you want to protect. Direction of the firewall defines WHAT and FROM WHAT sides.

For example, if you do not care if your wireless clients could be hacked, then you do not need to have a firewall between the wireless LAN and the Internet. But if you want to protect your wireless clients from the Internet attacks, or, at least, have a visibility of what's going on, you should install the firewall between WiFi LAN and the Internet.

Just draw a couple boxes on a piece of paper, showing where are your clients, where are your resources, and think, WHAT you want to protect and FROM WHAT threats.

Goos luck,

CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, Security+, MCSE W2K, etc.

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by gowthamalluri In reply to Wireless Network Configur ...

As u are using Wi-fi technology the access points of your existing network will already have firewall enabled,there is no firewall needed again for the new setup , even ur new setup will also access through ur old access points only if ur isp provider is same, so as per my knowledge firewall is not needed

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