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I would very much appreciate some advice. I have wireless internet, and until a few days ago, it worked perfectly. However, it suddenly stopped working, despite the fact that the signal strength is always excellent! I'm not very good with computers, and have been trying to follow some advice from the internet, but got confused!
Please help!

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First thing to do is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wireless network connecti ...

Unplug your WiFi Access Point Router or whatever for about 20 seconds and then plug it back in and see if things work provided that you haven't messed with things too much.

Any Hub WiFi Access Point is vulnerable to Power Spikes from the Mains and will appear to work but not actually be working so a simple off on Power Cycle quite often cures the problem.

Once you have Powered off the WiFi access Point by unplugging it not turning it off if you still have no WiFi connection run the WiFi Setup Wizard again and create a new user profile for your WiFi connection.


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Possible SSID conflict

by kwilson In reply to Wireless network connecti ...

This is one possibility work a try. A friend had a very similar problem. His would work, go offline, and come back very intermittently even though he showed a full strength signal and hard wired machines worked fine. I was simply trying to get online at his place when we were working on a project and noticed the problem. I unplugged the wireless router to see reboot it but noticed that a ?linksys? ssid was still present on available networks. It turns out that his neighbor also had a Linksys router AND also plugged it in without changing any of the out-of-the-box settings. I changed his ssid and the problem instantly went away. The problem was that client machine was confused. I asked his neighbor and he had the same problem.

I have no idea if this is your problem but it?s worth a shot.

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