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I have a network at office with a wired lan switch and wireless access point. The DHCP function is handled by a Huawei router which is connected to the internet. Then I have the Wireless Outdoor Engenius AP (EOX-8610) with which I am trying to connect from home (600Meters away) At home I have a DLINK AP 2100 Access point set up as a WDS with AP. To get a good signal, I attached an outdoor antenna directly to the access point. It picks up the EOC-8610 with a good signal, but I can not pick up the dlink with my laptop, or rather I pick it up but signal very low, even when the access point is right next to the laptop. If I attached a USB Wireless Dongle directly to the outdoor antenna than I get a good signal. But would like an access point indoor to be able to work from everywhere in the house. Any suggestions welcome

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If this is all 802.11b, have you changed channels on the dlink? If everthing is on channel 6, there will be interference.

The EOC is a 400mw device (!) with an external antenna, you could be putting out an effective power of over one watt, versus a meager 30mw for the dlink.

Note that, depending on the gain of your antenna, you may need to reduce your transmitter power to operate in compliance with local laws.

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