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Wireless network - extending the range

By a.kettner ·
I need to install a wireless network in a 4 story, 14,0000 sq. foot house. There is one active ethernet cable connected to cable modem on the 2nd level, middle of house. I contacted LiNKSYS Technical support 3 times asking what would be the best equipment to purchase. I received 3 different suggestions for configurations. Can anyone offer an idea of what would be a good solution providing the best range.

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by Bobsta In reply to Wireless network - extend ...

3COM WAP should be sufficient, and get yourself a Signal Increaser wall mountable bracket for your WAP.
I reckon you can place the WAP on the second floor, preferably somewhere in the middle of the house.
I believe the Brackets can increase signal strength quite significantly.

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by ctrservices In reply to Wireless network - extend ...

Did you mean 14,000 sq ft? If so, is each story about 3,500 sq ft? If so, their dimensions are probably between 35x100 and 60x60 sq ft per floor.

And if you like Linksys, they have a Wireless-G Range Expander. They need 110-v ac. From the specs, it appears you could get good coverage by providing one in each ceiling of each floor (with each expander at a different end of the building from the one in the ceiling above and below).

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by a.kettner In reply to Wireless network - extend ...

yes - I did mean 14,000 sq. ft. Thanks about the range expanders. I was also wondering if anyone has had much experience with Linksys SRX device which comes with range expander installed. Supposed to get up to 3x range if you use with sRX Network cards.

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by mshavrov In reply to Wireless network - extend ...

You can use your only AP, connected to the LAN as a "hub/root", and put a couple APs as a "bridge/repeaters". They will pick a signal over-the-air, and re-transmit it over-the-air to the "hub/root".

Good luck,


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by BobTheITBuilder In reply to Wireless network - extend ...

If your electrical wiring in your house is up to date then why not use "Power-Line Adaptors". Use one to inject your data onto your electrical system and one in each room to take it of and deliver it via utp or wireless to your device. These devices are portable from room to room as the just plug into your wall electrical socket. Good luck

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