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Wireless Network file sharing issues.

By Jedidavid ·
Hi friends,

I am a network admin for a small school of about 400 kids. I'm having a problem that I'll try to describe to you.

My network consists of:
1 Server running Windows server 2008
>50 desktop machines
72 laptops on carts (24 per cart)Vista except for 12 old ones on XP
4 HP procurve MSM410 access points

The problem I'm having in with the laptops. The students all log in with the same username (kids) and no password. I've got a mandatory user profile set up for the students to keep them from messing with my computers, and I have their documents redirected to a folder on my server.

When the students log on, there is a mapped network drive which is also their documents folder, so that whichever way they save things, the files should go into the same folder.

Imagine a class full of 4th graders all booting up and logging on at the same time. They log in with no problem, and usually they connect to the wireless network without a problem. If I go to the network drive, sometimes it will not let me save or change any files in that drive. Furthermore, it will not display all of the files/folders that I know are in the folder. If I disconnect the network drive, and remap it, it works perfectly.

I'm guessing my problem has something to do with the order in which things happen, ie; usually the user logs on, then the wireless network connects. Does this give me some sort of authentication problem? I have no clue, I'm some what new at this, and I could sure use some suggestions.



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