Wireless Network for Visitors

By JodieScherer ·
I see there is a place in the WCS to set up a wireless connection for visitors. I have tried the directions, but I must be missing some of the inital set up. Can someone elaborate on what is needed step by step to accomplish a wireless connection for visitors that is separate from our network?

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Note that people here may not know every TLA there is

by robo_dev In reply to Wireless Network for Visi ...

TLA = Three Letter Acronym


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by seanferd In reply to Note that people here may ...

If so, Cisco provides all the documentation you need.

Perhaps if the OP were to elaborate on what is not working, or the steps taken as well as what else might be going on in the network... Because I don't think anyone is going to re-write all the documentation in hopes that it clarifies the missing bit.

Wireshark might be a good tool, here. Or even Air Pcap or similar + Wireshark or your favorite analyzer.

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