Wireless Network Implementation

By yatinshah29 ·
Hello Guys,

I am wondering, what kind of wireless equipments needed to implement wireless network for University campus. The buildings that are not part of the main campus, but across streets.
Is any one can help me?

I am sincerely look forward to your assistance and support.


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My general advice

by robo_dev In reply to Wireless Network Implemen ...

Goto and look at their WLAN offerings.

Clarify what you mean when you say the buildings are 'across streets'?

802.11 Wireless LANs have an effective range, for client devices, of around 100 meters, which means that typically you need at least one Access Point per floor, sometimes more, to give client workstations adequate coverage at the access layer.

If you are talking about 'across the street', I assume that you are talking about the distribution layer of the network? In most cases, of course, the distribution layer is broadband and ethernet.

However, In some cases, like in metro-are Wifi networks the distribution layer is HSPDA, (broadband wireless such as 3G, GSM or even WiMax) as used in some Mesh WLAN deployments.

In most cases there is already a LAN in place, with an existing distribution layer, so the WiFi Access Points are just plugged into the LAN to be a wired Ethernet replacement.

In some cases, too , 802.11 WiFi can be used to implement a wireless bridge, which allows you to extend the distribution layer to another building at low cost.

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