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    Wireless Network Pricing


    by arielj ·

    can you please give my an idea how much is the pricing for the setup of wireless network around 40 workstations.
    what is more expensive wired or wireless

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      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Wireless Network Pricing

      Wired equipment costs less than wireless. This is esp true if you go with enterprise quality products that will keep your systems and network secure. Do not think that the $40 linksys will be the same as the $800 Cisco.

      The expense Wired has over wireless is the labor to run and terminate the cables for the runs.

      If you move a lot, wireless is more versital.

      Hard wired is faster. Much.

      Less chance of EMI’s with wired vs wireless.

      Wireless is easier to hack, even with corporate grade wireless. You need to know how far your signal goes. Make sure you cover all areas, without broadcasting across the street.

      As for actual prices, it depends on the grade you get. Cable is not expensive, but the ends are.

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        by arielj ·

        In reply to Depends

        thnks for the response,

        is it ok to use 3com enterprise accesspoint for my wireless linksys NIC?

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