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    Wireless network question


    by pcnetworktech ·

    I have Wireless router that talks to 3 computers with wireless card. They work fine.

    Currently I have the router connected to LAN, so the users can get to the internet etc.
    I want the wireless computers to get IP address from our Windows 2000 server, instead of the wireless router. Is this possible?

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      Re: Wireless network question

      by nonansi ·

      In reply to Wireless network question

      Sounds like you want to bypass the router. One option would be to replace it with a Wireless Access Point. The other option is to turn the wireless router into a Wireless Access Point by configuring the re-configuring the router. I have had luck doing the following:

      1) Disconnect the cable on the router WAN connection.
      2) Turn off DHCP service on the router.
      3) Set the WAN IP Address to an unused IP address on an unsed subnet. (Foudn this helps on some routers, do not know if it is always necessary.)
      3) Set the LAN IP address of the router to an IP address from the subnet that you had for the WAN connection. (On the subnet your Windows 2000 server is the DHCP server.)
      4) Connect the cable which was on the router WAN connection to the LAN side of the router.

      This basically turns your router into a Switch and a Wireless Access Point.

      Anyone else used this trick?

      Let me know how it goes.

      Happy Networking!

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        Confusing ???

        by omie ·

        In reply to Re: Wireless network question

        Let me clarify the situation… first he is using that wireless router to for internet connection sharing. If you unplug that wan connection from the cable how are you going to share the internet ? Using two network card in the server and configure the server for internet connection sharing ?
        Cable companies now are not giving out static public address and the worst is they ip changes almost very week, so a lot of times that ICS is not a viable options.

        The solution to his problem is let his setup stay and what he needs to do is stop/disable the wireless router as a dhcp server. Then configure the server as a DHCP server (You have to configure the option on DHCP such as domain name, DNS adress, router, wins with coresponding values) then make the router address as gateway.
        You need to configure the scope of IP and class then activate.

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          Re: Wireless network question

          by nonansi ·

          In reply to Confusing ???

          I thought that he had added his Wireless router behind an existing router. I guess more information was necessary about his setup. If this is his main router, then I agree enabling DHCP on his Server and disabling DHCP on his router is correct. (Obvious note: Keep the LAN address of the Router out of the DHCP server IP address pool.)

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          Reply To: Wireless network question

          by pcnetworktech ·

          In reply to Re: Wireless network question

          It worked !!!

          Disabling the DHCP on the router was the fix Thanks both for the help.
          Now I can’t get to the router admin page through 192.168.X.X address. This where I change the settings to the router. If I reset the route back to factory settings, it let me in, but that gets me back to the orginal problem.
          Thanks again both for the help.

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          good !!!

          by omie ·

          In reply to Reply To: Wireless network question

          it is a pleasure to help you, but I commend your reply not like the other people posting problem but they don’t answer back…

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