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Wireless Network Setup

By stcraftee ·
I have a D-Link Wireless Router DI-624 hooked up to a PC running XP Prof. and a D-Link Wireless Access Point DWL-G700AP hooked up to a MAC running OS X. This is my first Wireless Network Setup. I have been unable to find detailed instructions anywhere. Does anyone know of a site that could assist me?

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by maxwell edison In reply to Wireless Network Setup

Your question is rather confusing. Is this one setup or two separate setups? I assume it's one. If that's the case, you don't need both the wireless router and the wireless access point.

A wireless access point is necessary if you want a wireless network connection, but you don't have a wireless router. If you do indeed have a wireless router, then you don't need the access point.

My assumption of your desired scenario:

1. You have one internet connection that you want to share.
2. You have either broadband cable or DSL with one broadband or DSL modem.
3. You have a hard-wired PC.
4. You have a wireless MAC.
5. Or, perhaps, you have two wireless computers, one PC and one MAC.

Here's what you need to do (if my assumption is correct). You have one internet connection, broadband cable, for instance, that goes into a cable modem. The cable modem is then connected to the WAN port of your DI-624 wireless router. That particular router has 4 LAN ports and a wireless antenna. If you have a hard-wired PC, then the NIC of the PC is plugged into one of the LAN ports of the DI-624 wireless router. The wireless computer (or computers) need to have a wireless NIC.

You can get the documentation you need from the CD ROM that came with the router. The D-Link Web site also has extended documentation.


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by willcomp In reply to Wireless Network Setup

Linksys has some excellent instructions on their web site. Click on link below.


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