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Wireless network setup

By JimKlallsoo ·

Question 1

I would like to create a wireless network and share my Broadband connection.

At present i have a PC and a laptop which are NOT networked but i would like to network them and share my Broadband connection & files.
At present my broadband is connected to the PC's PCI ethernet card and I receive an IP address via DHCP.....

To achieve my aim I have purchased a wireless Linksys 2,4GHz router model no. WRT54GS and also two compatible wireless cards.
(1 wireless PCI card for the PC the other wireless PCMCIA card for the laptop).

I am currently online with Blueyonder broadband in the UK and would like to know how to configure both my Windows XP laptop and windows XP PC to use my wireless router.

Are there any pages which explain using simple step by step instructions/diagrams of where my Router should go in relation to my modem etc.

I am used to setting up wred networks using for PC 1 & for PC2 setting in same wrkgroup does this still need to be carried out with wireless?

Question 2

I setup and installed a wireless access point in my previous workplace and if i recollect all i did was plug the wireless access point into a switch on my works network and had a wirless card in the pc and configured via a web browser....But my question here is would that have been posible without a wireless card in the server i can't remember if i put one in the server?

Any help/assistance in any of these points greatly appreciated

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by dmiles In reply to Wireless network setup

Step 1: Connect your wireless access points to your broadband Internet connection.

Typically, your broadband Internet connection will include a router, which allows you to share your Internet connection among the computers on your network. On a wired network, a standard router shares your Internet connection with your company computers via Ethernet cables that connect computers to the router, often via hubs or switches. On a wireless network however, the access point broadcasts the signal wirelessly to all of your computers instead of requiring them to be hardwired to your router.

To turn your wired connection into a wireless one, simply connect your wireless access point to your router and it will be ready to share your Internet connection.

Step 2: Ensure all of your computers are wirelessly equipped.

For your desktop, notebook, handheld, and tablet

If your computers and handhelds don't have built-in Wi-Fi support, you can quickly and easily install a Wi-Fi adapter. Adapter cards slip quickly and easily into PCI slots on a desktop case or the PC card slot on a notebook, Tablet PC, or handheld and give your computer wireless access just as if it were built in.
It is important that the wireless radios on your computers are compatible with your access points. 802.11b and 802.11g are compatible technologies, so a notebook with support for 802.11b can communicate with an access point that supports 802.11g. However, 802.11a devices are only compatible with other 802.11a devices, so you can't mix and match them with 802.11b or 802.11g devices.

Step 3: Configure the SSID on your access points and wireless computers.

Wi-Fi access points use a special value called a SSID (Service Set Identifier) to distinguish wireless networks from one another

Step 4: Configure your access point and cards for maximum security.

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by zlitocook In reply to Wireless network setup
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by ozi Eagle In reply to Wireless network setup


If your ADSL modem includes a router, then connect to one of the four ethernet RJ45 terminals, thus using the Linksys only as an access point and switch. If your ADSL modem doesn't include a router then connect to the WAN RJ45 port and use the router in the linksys.
Note that you could wire connect to your PC, rather than wifi.
With my network I can connect the laptop either by wifi or cable, depending on where I am.

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by JimKlallsoo In reply to Wireless network setup

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