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Wireless network using PC &other devices

By Borio_Boy ·
Dear all,
I'm going in a project with some friends where we will need to get input voice, or maybe photos, from many places.
We thought to make a wireless LAN to get that data to a main PC where a program supposed to be written by us should receive the data, perform some processing on it and then send True or False to some control devices (microcontroller or some electronic circuits).
I think we will need multiplexing to get data from different locations, but how to make the data aquisition and then multiplexing to a single Tx wireless? Could that be done?
Could we use wireless network PCI card? But what about the other side, I mean the one which has the Mics?
Could anyone help me in that? About how to make the network and what we need to receive the data in our software.
Thanks in advance.
Tamir Darweesh.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Wireless network using PC ...

Ok so let me get this straight:

1) You want to gather, promiscuously, data off a network.
2) You only want to get voice and image data.
3) You want to process that data and send it on

Why are you doing this? I'm confused. What could this possibly be used for?

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by Chorito In reply to Wireless network using PC ...

Your questions is kind of confusing in that wireless MICs work on their own wireless network. They have their own receiver and transmitter. And two different models can't work together. And then to get the audio from the mics onto a computer you would need to connect the receiver of the MICs to the computer thru the RCA connectors (or a compatible connector) then have a computer program record the audio and create audio files that can then be sent over a wireless data network.
I guess the answer would be that you cannot use a wireless data network with a wireless MIC or any other devices that are not designed to be used in a wireless data network. Also, if the MICs work on 2.4 GHz they?ll cause some interference to the wireless data and vice versa. Same goes for 5 GHz.

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by Sachchi In reply to Wireless network using PC ...


The question is confusing. I think you want know if you can use wireless LAN (WLAN) for the data transer.

I understand that you need to collect the information (data/voice/images) from other system on ethernet and based on this information you need to control other devices.

Yes, you can use the WLAN network PCI card for LAN connectivity if your application/program does not require high bandwidth. WLAN has limited bandwidth. And if the WLAN setup at site is shared by other users also then you may have very little bandwidth available. If your application/program requires more bandwidth then you shall opt for wired LAN connectivity.

Note: Max bandwidth available for 802.11a/g WLAN is 54Mbps. For more details refer (

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