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    Wireless networking


    by billyd59 ·

    I 2 have a question. I have my wireless network setup with WPA set and MAC filtering. Is there a progrom you can run to get your key? I would like to run It to see If my key Is protected.

    The second question Is. My newphew has a wireless network setup but he had to reload his laptop and now when he try to connect to the wireless network the laptop ask him for his key and he forgot It. Is there a way for him to find that out? He change the IP on his router and he forgot the IP address. I know I can reset the router and start all over but I throught I would ask first If I can find that out for him without resetting the router?

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      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Wireless networking

      Reset the Router and start from scratch it’s faster.

      As far as being able to find the Key yes it’s possible but not easy and is time consuming so generally speaking this isn’t an issue. What you have to remember is that these devices run on Embedded Linux and are a different OS to Windows so their security is different to the way that Windows works and it’s far harder to crack them.


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