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Wireless Networking Issue

By Sportsperson16 ·
Im using the Belkin Wireless Adapter PCI Card that goes up to 125 mbs. I also have the belkin "high speed" 125mb wirless router. Comcast is my ISP. Whenever I first logon to my computer it says the wirless connection is excellent at 125 mbs, yet i cant surf, or do anything just like my internet being disabled. Then I have to press the wireless connection repair button and then everything works ( i can browse, play games online, etc.) usually about 30mins-1 hour I lose my connection but the signal strength still says excellent and I just click repair and it fixes it. This is very annoying when playing games Online and i have no idea how to fix this. Belkin or Comcast support was of no help. Belkin just said reformat because you probably have a virus tampering with your network settings.( i ran a scan no virus, no spyware.) Any help is appreciated

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by ReWrite In reply to Wireless Networking Issue

High speed wireless connections can be very finicky. How did you configure the wireless card (with MS drivers or Belkin drivers). If windows recognized the wireless card and supplied its own drivers try Belkin's. If you used Belkin's, see if windows will supply its own driver. Also check for the latest updated drivers to try.



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by Sportsperson16 In reply to Wireless Networking Issue

Hello, I do have the latest drivers for belkin. I am not sure if microsoft supplies its own driver and im not sure how to find out if they do. Its a very odd problem because when my connection does work fine which is most of the time the speed is great, its just very annoying in games when i disconnect for 10 seconds and then I have to load the maps agian and stuff. My signal speed is always very good or excellent. Thanks for trying to help me!

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by Choppit In reply to Wireless Networking Issue

Try using a different channel or lowering the speed. 125Mbps data transfer is not much benefit if you're only surfing the web and your web connection is 1Mbps.

The other thing that springs to mind is that the equipment is faulty or poorly designed. One of my early experiences of Belkin wireless routers was that my unit required a reboot 4/5 times a day. This appeared to be a common thread among Belkin users so I contacted Belkin who offered me 3 different versions of pre-release firmware to correct the problem. I solved the problem myself in the end, turns out the unit ran so hot that it would fail every few hours, keeping it cool solved the problem. I now use Linksys at home......

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by Sportsperson16 In reply to Wireless Networking Issue

Thanks agian I made it so the rate was not best rate but "54g" and I also so a option for IBSS 54G mode and it was on 54g auto and i changed it to 54g performance. hope this will work.

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by ptreadway In reply to Wireless Networking Issue

I had the same issue,I was on Channel 6.
Found out channels 1-6-11 are the only channels that are not overlapping,changed to 11 and fixed the issue.

Hope this helps

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Wireless Networking Issue

look around in router for auto reconnect option. notice how to check connection status while you are in there. next time you can't internet, check the connection status. try another brand router if you can. hardcode dns into the wireless router? sounds like router is having trouble keeping/getting dhcp or whatever protocol your isp uses. when you can't get on internet can you get out by ip number? can you ping router? dns server? to rule out having trouble getting dns and or dhcp from isp or is losing it and having to go get it again. have you a ups you can plug the router into to rule that out

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