Wireless Networking Issues

By Aoeniac ·
Here's the problem: I get kicked off the internet connection every time I use the wireless connection at the same time my sister's computer is. If I'm happily navigating the web and my sister decides to check her email or something, it kicks me off but leaves her computer connected.

Here's the situation: Our ISP is Cox Cable and we receive our connection from a Toshiba cable modem. The ISP and Modem work just fine as far as I can tell. It is connected to a Netgear WGR614 v4 wireless router.

There are 3 computers in the household at all times, for all intensive purposes. My father's computer, a macintosh, is hardwired to the router in port 1 so he is not on the wireless network. His computer always has a working connection. My sister's computer is also a macintosh, a laptop. It connects wirelessly to the router and always has a working connection. MY computer uses Windows, it's a Toshiba laptop. I have a working internet connection at all times except when my sister's computer has some sort of online activity, which promptly boots me off the network. As far as I can test it, this seems like the only factor in my loosing my connection. When my sister was away at college 2 years earlier than me, I had a perfect connection all the time. Now we're both home for Winter Break, and once again I periodically lose my connection. I began to suspect the issue had to do with her computer being present, and the next time my connection dropped I knocked on her door and asked if she had just opened a web browser or something. She had. So I told her to hold on and not open any web programs for a while, during which time my connection was perfect. Then, while browsing, I told her to open her web browser and sure enough as soon as she did, I lost my connection. These results have been consistent every time we've tested them again at various times.

I can safely assume that the Netgear Router is supposed to allow much more than 1 computer to connect wirelessly at a time, so there must be some technical issue that is far beyond my abilities to correct. Hopefully there is an expert here who has some suggestions and procedures to try fixing my problem.

If you need any additional information I may have failed to include, don't hesitate to ask, please. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Does it kick you off if you're wired and she's wireless?

by georgeou In reply to Wireless Networking Issue ...

Does it kick you off if you're wired and she's wireless? Sounds like a weird issue. Might be something wrong with the router. Try upgrading the firmware on that router to a newer revision.

Also, when you get kicked off, are you actually losing your wireless association?

Do an "IPCONFIG /all" at the CMD (command) prompt. That's start - run - cmd - enter. Run that on both PCs and tell me the MAC address of both PCs.

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Wired works

by Aoeniac In reply to Does it kick you off if y ...

I actually posted this while hardwired, keeping a huge ethernet cable handy is a good idea. Hardwired it works just fine, which is what leads me to believe it is either a problem with the router, with my computer's ability to converse with the router, or with her computer accidentally doing something that influences the router against the favor of my computer.

And erm... I'm unfamiliar with macintoshes but I don't think they have a command prompt so I'll have to learn how to find a Mac's MAC address.

As for mine, the MAC address is the same as the Physical Address, right? It says the Physical Address of my wireless network connection is 00-13-02-D2-9C-B0.

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Sounds strange, I'd try the firmware upgrade

by georgeou In reply to Wired works

Yes, physical address is the MAC address.

There are tools for Linux and the Mac that can deliberately deauthenticate people. Are you actually losing your wireless association or are you simply being prevented from surfing while she's surfing?

I would recommend that you try updating the firmware on your router.

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Oh, that's important!

by Aoeniac In reply to Sounds strange, I'd try t ...

Hmmm, come to think of it, I gave incorrect information when I said it was disconnecting me. I don't actually lose my connection to the router (or at least it doesn't tell me I've lost my connection) but I am prevented from doing anything while she is. My instant messaging services stop (friends tell me I get disconnected then automatically log back on when the problem subsides), my web browser won't load, and any online games are immediately disconnected from their servers.

Excuse my ignorance, but how would I go about updating the "firmware" on the router?

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Go to the vendor's website

by georgeou In reply to Oh, that's important!

If it's a netgear, go to for example. Then look for downloads or support area.

It's starting to sound like she's hogging all the bandwidth because she might have a stronger Wi-Fi connection than you. It sounds strange that the router would give that much preference in bandwidth though.

I want you to try it with you 6 feet from the router and have her a long shot away from the router. See if she can still overwhelm you. If she can, then either try to upgrade the router firmware or get a new Wi-Fi router.

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That solved it

by Aoeniac In reply to Go to the vendor's websit ...

Firmware update solved our issues. I can finally use the wireless network at the same time she does and I don't have to be tethered to the router with an ethernet cable whenever I want an uninterrupted connection!

Many thanks.

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Excellent, what a strange problem

by georgeou In reply to That solved it

When in doubt like this, update the software or firmware :). I wonder what kind of weird bug this was.

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by MGP2 In reply to That solved it

>>"I wonder what kind of weird bug this was."

Hmmmm...if it was a wired issue, I'd have guessed it was a CAT5erpillar. But since it's wireless, I guess it's a wi-fly. :-)

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which utility are you using ...

by CG IT In reply to Wireless Networking Issue ...

are you using the Windows Wireless utility to manage the connection or the Toshiba wireless NIC utility.

You might want to play around with the utilities and see if that makes a difference. you might also want to check out the order of preference for connecting.

A neighbor of mine had a similar problem in that her Dell always wanted to connect to a neighbors router first [unsecured] before connecting to her secure router [Windows managed wireless connection utility]. When I switched to the Dell Wireless connection utility and made her router first in order, the problem went away.

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by Aoeniac In reply to which utility are you usi ...

I'm using the Windows Utility, but the proper router is the preferred network, and it's not like there's any others to connect to anyway.

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