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wireless networking problem

By skatinghero ·
i have a problem i was hoping that someone could help me with im running a pc with win xp with SP2 i have just purchased a linksys WPA54G v3 Access point i have the modem connected to the pc via USB and the access point attached to the pc via ethernet, i have a toshiba laptop with centrino the wireless is turned on via the switch on the side of the laptop the problem i am having is that i can ping the PC from the laptop threw the AP i can also see the pc in network neighbourhood from the laptop and vice versa but i cannot get the internet on the laptop. on the laptop i have a application called connectivity Doctor it is a toshiba app but it says that the default gateway and the dns server address is incorrect.i am unable to logonto the AP to change anything and i have run the setup wizard but it fails to see the AP. i have givin the local area network an ip address of and subnet mask of i have set the default gateway to the AP ip address of and the dns to the modem address of, i have done this to both the PC on the LAN connection and the WAN connection on the laptop the LAN on the laptop is disabled. i have also set up a SOHO network on both pc and laptop and set the workgroup to just mshome. i appologise for my stupidity but i am at a loss, if i have forgotten anything please let me know i am at your mercy. thankyou for your help.

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Re: wireless networking problem

by mohanakrishna In reply to wireless networking probl ...

The setup you have described shows that you have just created a LAN using the wireless access point as a Switch/HUB.

The usual way wireless distribution of internet works is that you require your ISP provided modem with Ethernet out, A wireless router[which also acts as a AP] so now the modem is connected to the wireless router & PC & other machines are either hard wired or connected through wireless to the router.

Your current setup does not allow internet to be passed on to the other computers because only routers can do the job


1. Check for USB-IN wireless routers in the market & replace this linksys AP for that wireless router

2. Ask you ISP to replace the current modem with Ethernet out modem [unless you have that provision in the current modem] & buy a wireless router & setup the way i have described earlier.

3. I am not sure if this will work, but you can try. Enable ICS[Internet connection sharing] in both the computers.

Enable ICS for server PC[in this case your PC]

Enable ICs for Client [Laptop]:

ICS info:

& by the way i think your product is WAP54G

hope this helped

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by johnoconway In reply to wireless networking probl ...

you need to enable internet connection sharing on the desktop in order for the laptop to gain access, try it.

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