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Wireless networking vs cabling

By debbie ·
We will (possibly) be moving into a new building and could have an opportunity to install wireless networking. We currently use cable.

Has anyone made this move lately? Suggestions? Problems? Material needed? Any help is appreciated. Looking for someone in Wisconsin to visit to see first hand how it works.

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by tbragsda In reply to Wireless networking vs ca ...

We have put several access points in. They work very well, are easy to install and maintain. As for an entirely wireless install, I would think not. Speed is an issue, < 10mbps, some security problems have been identified, and costs are still higher, coverage is not great.

It may be OK for your situation. If the total number of users is small, or if most of the wks are laptops, wireless may seem attractive. Also need to consider the type of traffic on your network. If its small file/print sharing, Internet access and email, it might be OK.

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by InXale In reply to Wireless networking vs ca ...

When do you think you will be moving to Wireless. If poss. I would hold off until the 11a standard is available ( 54 megs ). Think this may change to 11c. If you have to do it now then just make sure that you pick wireless that has 128 bit encryption ( 3COM ). Some have 40 bit which is not as secure.

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Security Issue

by Bryan Lee In reply to Wireless networking vs ca ...

I advised to you not to used a DHCP server and default gateway IP subnet should not be default i mean

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Security, Uptime and Speed

by admin In reply to Wireless networking vs ca ...

are all lower with wireless. If you don't need these things, then it is convenient.

AirSnort, RF interference and running big files at <10mbs will keep you potentially much busier as an admin though, so if your company is loaded and you want job security and more employees, it may be a good move.

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Wirless vs cabling

by School Guy In reply to Wireless networking vs ca ...

A few notes:

1) if you have a lot of PC's then don't. We perform automated PC software distribution and that would choke wireless.

2) We use wireless in meeting rooms and where students "hang out".

3) security is definately a concern. On top of the usual encryption I also have it where the MAC address of the card has to be authenticated via RADIUS to my Novell NDS. That way, if we don't know about your MAC address card, you aren't getting on. :)

4) It's incredible on how each room various on how well wireless works.

5) Make sure your Access point is ready for the 54MBS if you do decide.

6) make sure you don't go with possible default settings like broadcasting what the network name is.

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