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    wireless networking with ubuntu 7.04


    by cworsley4 ·

    hello this is the second time that i have asked this question and i really need it to be awnsered so any way. i have just installed ubuntu 7.04 and i not a clue on how to connect to a wireless network. so if any on has a any idea i would be more than happy to hear about it. HELP

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      by cworsley4 ·

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      Wireless Connection

      by andre_babb ·

      In reply to wireless networking with ubuntu 7.04

      This method works for me
      hope it helps you

      System -> Administration -> Network
      Select your Wireless device from the menu

      Select Properties on the right hand side

      Enter the ESSID(name of the connection)

      Select Static IP / DCHP

      Click OK

      You should be online at this point

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        Wireless Conection in Ubuntu 7.04

        by jgamer1991 ·

        In reply to Wireless Connection

        I am dual booting Windows XP Pro SP2 and Linux Ubuntu 7.04 on an HP Pavilion zd8000. I have a problem in that ubuntu recognises my wireless card (as in it says theres a wired and a wireless connection) i can connect to the wireless in windows but in linux it does not even register. So a couple of things,
        1) am i going about this the wrong way? if so how should i go about it
        2) why are there 2 different screens for configuring a wireless network one with more security features
        3) Any ideas on how to configure it are more than welcome!


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      Ubuntu Wireless

      by silver fox ·

      In reply to wireless networking with ubuntu 7.04

      I am new to Ubuntu and had a similar problem with connecting to my WIFI. Then, I clicked on the Icon in the task bar tray and played with the WEP security and keyed in my WEP code until I got the right combination of WEP and the WIFI started working and have not had another problem.

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