Wireless networking with Vista and XP

By karenknight ·
I have just got a new Vist laptop, I have managed to set up a wireless internet connection but cannot seem to set up to find my XP computer at home. I have followed the network set up my my PC is not on the list! Any help would be great

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I have the exact same problem

by daniellgilbert In reply to Wireless networking with ...

I have exactly the same problem. Driving me crazy. All I want to do is use the shared printers attached to one my XP machines.

I have two XP machines on the wireless network. They can both see each other and use each other's shared drives and printers. Yet the Vista laptop can't even see either XP machine.

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Same Story

by esochin In reply to I have the exact same pro ...

It seems Microsoft has screwed up big time and haven't had the guts to admit it or solve the problem!

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Link-Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD)

by oharaphil In reply to Wireless networking with ...

Have you tried to install Link-Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) , you can download it from microsoft at the following address
This needs to be installed on your xp machines , Once this is done Vista should be able to locate all the XP machines on your network

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Have Tried it all

by MeColosky In reply to Link-Layer Topology Disco ...

I am having the same problem, Laptop with VistaPrem, Desktop with XP Pro, Tablet PC with XP, desktop & tablet are fine, and can use the network printer, Vista sees neither of them or the printer, all files & drives on the desktop & tablet are shared, as is the printer, workgroup name is the same on all 3 systems, and LLTD is installed on both the desktop & tablet, any other suggestions are welcome, (and for clarity, this is not the first network I have setup, but is the first with Vista...)

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by adnanaddo In reply to Wireless networking with ...

I Was also facing the same prob.

the only way i solved the problem is by installing the creates VPN and i think best solution for this problem

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by retro77 In reply to Wireless networking with ...

Change your wireless mode from infrastructure [with an access point] to ad-hoc [with out an access point]. Do this on both XP and Vista.

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more help

by freddiricco In reply to Ad-Hoc

How do you do that?
Still can't even get either vista laptop to see xp pc or vise versa!

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Windows Vista Wireless Setup guide here

by vsu_mail In reply to Wireless networking with ...

For any one who are following this thread and still if the issue is not resolved.

Check out this page:

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