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By ljackson.desoto ·
I am a complete novoice to the point of being an idiot when it comes to networking, but I am trying to set up a wireless network to share files and printers. I have a linksys router & linksys wireless adapters on all the computers.
They can all access the internet and I have shared files or drives. When I go to Network Neighborhood, it can see the computers, but when I click on them they typically say the network drive is not accessible. I have pinged the computers and sometimes they ping ok and then I can get to the computer and then I can't.

So it seems like sometimes they are communicating and sometimes not. This will happened within a few minutes even though the internet connection is constant.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot why they connect and then not or can point me to a white paper or knowledge base that can explain in dummy terms what to do.

I have checked and the workgroups are all the same. The ip addresses all start with 192.168.1 and then different "extentions". There is not firewall. I am running WIN2K Professional on all the computers and they all have current service packs.

Thanks all in advance.

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by ctrservices In reply to Wireless Networks

When you lose the ability to ping computer B, does computer B have the ability to ping computer A?

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by ljackson.desoto In reply to

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by ljackson.desoto In reply to Wireless Networks

Once computer A couldn't ping computer B, but then computer B pinged computer A and then A could ping computer B. But then about 5 minutes later when I tried to add the network printer (thinking they were talking to each other), they then couldn't talk and I tried to re-ping and neither could

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by CG IT In reply to Wireless Networks

here is a Microsoft KB on your problem.;en-us;318030

at the bottom of this KB are links to other related KBs on peer to peer networking [which are probably more in line with what your problem is rather than NetBIOS over TCP/IP]. KB 30404 How to configure file and printer sharing in Windows XP is a good starting document.

The link below is part 1 of an 8 part KB articles on "How to setup a small network in Windows XP Home". I recommend that you read all parts to get an understand of peer to peer networks.

Instead of just giving you a fix, these KB articles give you the how and why.

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by CG IT In reply to

note: the basics of setting up a small network for XP are the same for W2K. The only difference is the titles of the article are for XP.

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by ljackson.desoto In reply to

I'll take a look thanks.

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by ljackson.desoto In reply to Wireless Networks

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