Wireless Not working with Comcast

By danthetkdman ·
I had a lapse in paying my comcast bill and my service was placed on an interupt (not completly disconnected) I am running 2 windows XP HP boxes on Comcast Cable with a Motorola Surfboard Cable modem SB5120 with a Netgear WGT624v3 Wireless router, was working perfect prior to the interupt, I paid my bill and got my service reinstated now, I can connect to the internet Wired direct, but as soon as I go to plug in the Wireless my Local Are Connection picks up a address even tho the wireless says conneted with excellent signal strength, no pages will load I have read several fixes none have worked

I have trying using my computer mac address
I tried setting a static IP on my router
I tried netsh winsocks
I factory reset the router
Uninstalled and reinstalled the router

Comcast came out gave me a new splitter and a new modem and said the standard sorry we don't troubleshoot your network you can connect straight thru just fine, even though nothing was changed while my service was out on my end.

Any advice would be great. Really tired of getting nowhere ohh and netgear says sorry you are out of warranty we won't troubleshoot if you equipment is over 1 year old.

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Just a suggestion here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wireless Not working with ...

As the WiFi problem is separate from the ISP deactivating the account you need to look at the Internal LAN for a fix.

With most WiFi devices if there is a power spike the WiFi devices get scrambled and need to be shut down by removing the power in for about 30 seconds and then reapplying power. This generally cures any problems but if the problem continues try disconnecting any Hubs/Switch's that you have in place and do the same thing.


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No Wireless

by ebouza In reply to Wireless Not working with ...

What do you see when you login to your Netgear router, when you go to status? You should be picking up an IP from the Comcast router. If you are not try rebooting your Comcast router and then reboot your Netgear router. Make sure that you have your Netgear setup to dynamically pickup IP's on your WAN side.

Please post again if you continue to have problems getting your wireless to work.


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When you mentioned that you can access the Internet when directly connected was that being plugged into the cable modem or Netgear router? Also, do you want to use the Netgear router to isolate you from the modem? If not and you just want the Netgear router to supply wireless access, shut of the DHCP server on the router and connect the cable from the modem to one of the 4 switch ports and not the Internet port. The Netgear router will then just act as an access point.

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Cable modem restart

by mjd420nova In reply to Wireless Not working with ...

I had the same problem with a newer modem but this should work. With everything connected as you want it, power off the modem and reset it using the reset button on the back. It is a small hole with the reset button behind it. Use a toothpick or a small non-conductive piece of plastic. With the power off, push and hold the reset button for thirty seconds. Then power on the modem and it should pick up the router and all that is connected, wired and wireless.

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Fixed it

by danthetkdman In reply to Wireless Not working with ...

I feel like such a moron lol, I got it fixed I ran the Netgear CD and gave both computers a new SSID and it worked thanks for the suggestions

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