Wireless overheat?

By chrisgregorian ·
I've been using the C54Ri Conceptronic Wireless 54mb/s PCI card for a while with Windows Vista now, while it isnt built for vista it does work as i used it for a few months without trouble. After an extended period however i got worse and worse connectivity (nothing was changed and i tried it with 2 wireless routers, same problem on both) where as soon as there was any traffic on the card, the connection would drop from 36-48 mb/s to anywhere between 1 and 11 mb/s. The problem is that if i turn the card off and let it rest for a while, then turn it on it runs fine for a few minutes before creating the connectivity problems. This to me sounds like an overheat, but i've never heard of a Wireless card overheating before. Should i assume its broken? The other problem i have been having with it that when i run the cards own utility it can connect to the networks, but no program or service can connect over it. In Windows XP you could turn Windows handling your wireless connections off, is there any way to do this in Vista?

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Christopher Gregorian.

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To me it sounds as if the card

by w2ktechman In reply to Wireless overheat?

is not using wireless g anymore and defaulted back to wireless b. It may be overheating, but it is probably more the fact that for some reason it will not use the g portion of te adapter. Have you reinstalled the drivers?

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Much more importantly have you applied any Vista Patches?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to To me it sounds as if the ...

As by your own admission this WiFi Card is Not Vista Compatible any patch for Vista could be killing off the ability of the Card or drivers to run correctly under Vista.

Rather than a problem with overheating I would suspect that you have a driver problem occurring which is causing the card to drop from the G format back to the b format and the slower WiFi connection.

The only real solution for this is to either reload the computer with XP or buy a Vista Compatible WiFi Card that will work with this computer.


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