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wireless, p2p, Broadband 4 smll business

By j.sporle ·
Have 2 PC's with XP 20GB HD and 1 printer Brother HL1230
Want another PC, Server,printer and Laptop for MD, Broadband for all, wireless and when MD takes Laptop home can access PC's at work.

Using Sage accounts, Sage Payroll, and on separate computer stock control and invoicing in shop next to office.

What would you recommend for the above?

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by hozcanhan In reply to wireless, p2p, Broadband ...

put an AP in the middle of the clients . Put a pigtail to one of the antenna ports . Take the pigtail outside of the window . Put the patch antenna on it outside and protect the connector with tape . Of course buy usb or pc wireless cards for the clients. For the laptop I recomend a cisco pc card or a usb dongle . use its cable to extend the wireless usb dongle to a good reception height . good luck .

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by sgt_shultz In reply to wireless, p2p, Broadband ...

sorry, but what is this 'server' gonna server??
ask the doctor what his practice management software is. it is not sage, betcha.
you need to know all the existing details to avoid the gotchas...
get a Dell Optiplex with 3 year on site warranty for the 'server'. get a laptop of Dr's choice. ALL pc's must run XP pro sp2
Dr can use Remote Desktop to get to his computer from the office
what are you going to do about backups? get his stuff backuped and OFF SITE daily (tape is answer but you might have to do both tape and removable hard drive)
you need a LOT more requirements from the doc. does he do electronic claims? does she think he will want to? how many providers does the doc envision
you better not promise wireless until you confirm what it will take with a site survey
in dr's offices' many rooms with doors. might be a problem. might have xray equipment. will have other motors and lighting causing interference with wireless.
dr might want digital images. xrays, photographs. that is a lot of storage and backup. so just start setting expectations about it.
how is the dr ordering supplies? probably has a dedicated computer. ask to see it.
dr wants WIRED network with WIRELESS access points. not all wireless. wireless not spelled m-a-g-i-c
you gotta ask a lot more questions imho...
get paid to write the spec
dont' forget backups
anti virus
anti spam

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

oh yes: ask about electronic claims

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by ricrei In reply to wireless, p2p, Broadband ...

This question needs to be broken down into a couple of pieces, Budget, Requirements for Server, Wireless for whom.

How much money do they want to spend, if it is a large budget then you could look at something like a Cisco Router connected to a dedicated DSL line with a Symantec firewall to give you VPN access and maybe a Terminal Server so that he could access whatever from home. But if the budget is not so big then you may want to look at one of the ADSL Modems that have a built in Firewall and VPN support, also Windows 2000 and 2003 come with a Terminal services client for Admin. What does the MD want to access from home, all of the computers or just some specific data some where.

Also Wireless for Printers is problematic as unless you buy some realy good kit you will have problems with dropouts, so does everything need to be wireless.

Lastly what is being run on the new server.

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by wlbowers In reply to wireless, p2p, Broadband ...

I would not recommend wireless for a doctors office.

Unless you have a professional setup and maintain the system. Most people that try to secure a wireless system usually end up with minimal security.

HIPPA will not allow that to conform to their standards.

Setup a server with Windows Server or SBS server 2003.

Both of these products support the HIPPA requirements.

A VPN solution like Cisco will provide you with service and security. The hardware is avaible in the Linksys line.

Good Luck Lee

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