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    Wireless PC station won’t Print to a wired Printer

    by racoulon ·



    First off, i’d like to thank any help in advance. I tried to see if i could find a replicated issue already in the forums, but to no avail.

    I am currently running 3 wireless Windows 7 PC’s and trying to setup a wired printer for them to be able to use. I can access this printer via wireless on any of our wireless Windows 10 PC’s but not the Windows 7.

    I first tested to see if i could ping the IP of the printer from the PC’s in question, and they all come back successful with 0% loss. I then add the printer manually via IP. Afterwards I select the proper drivers, and it installs successfully. But when I go to print out a test page, or any page that is, the document will stay in the spool and change from “Printing” to “Error”. It doesn’t state the Error and if I troubleshoot, it can’t find any issues.

    I’m at a total loss.

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      Print process and failure points

      by hnorthcote ·

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      My name is Henry Northcote, I am a senior consultant and engineer at ThinPrint for 12 years. I have seen possibly every issue in printing, and it comes down to looking into the print process to figure out the part that is not moving right.
      The first thing you did of finding the IP confirmed TCP/IP connectivity, is perfect, so now we know that is not the issue, the fact the spooler allowed you to install the printer tells us that your spooler is running and working. Also the fact that the error showed up and the spooler did not crash shows your OS is ok as well.
      So the last part is the actual rendering of the print job, this is done by the driver. Drivers are the biggest headache in printing because manufacturers don’t care about supporting old models on new OS’s they care about selling their latest and greatest. So you will not find the same driver for windows 10 as for windows 7.
      Long story short, your issue is the driver, the driver is not rendering the job right and the printer is saying I have no idea what is this information you sent me, “error”. To fix this just change the driver to a different type or version, i.e. if you are using a PCL5 use a PS or PCL6, if you are using a HP universal print driver version 5, use the version 6. And when you find the right driver you will know because it will start printing right.
      To find this mysterious drivers you will have to go to the manufacturers website and look for it.
      Hope this helps, the good news is that usually the next driver for that printer model you find will work.

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      HP Printers – Wired Network Printer Setup

      by paulapalmer ·

      In reply to Wireless PC station won’t Print to a wired Printer

      Set up a network-connected printer with an Ethernet cable by installing the HP print driver on a Windows PC.

      Step 1: Prepare for the driver installation and network connection
      Step 2: Connect the printer to the network
      Step 3: Install the software

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