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wireless pcmcia

By advancedgeek ·
I have been doing some research on which pcmcia cards are the best for wireless...

By best of wireless, I mean has the best signal strength, most distance away from WAP, and the protocols supported by the card (WEP, WPA, ...).

I found this little bugger...which has a 6db directional antanae built into it:

I have also heard a lot about cisco's Aironet series...but I would like a card that supports a/b/and g. Does cisco have one other than the 11b? Why does everyone love these aironets?

What brand do you think has the best card?

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Do you really need "a" support?

by jdclyde In reply to wireless pcmcia

Save a lot of coin if you just can deal with the B/G range.

I can't comment on the airnets, but I have used one by SMC, D-link and Netgear.

The SMC2802W is the biggest piece of crap ever. Have had 4 out of 15 go bad within six months.

Never had a problem with either the d-link or the netgear, but I don't care for the interface for the d-link.

Sure the cisco is much better, but at over double the cost.

Anyone know of an adapter that you can connect an external antenna to? Any war drivers out there? Do you have to hack into your card and adapt it for this or is there one that already had an antenna jack?

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by Choppit In reply to Do you really need "a" su ...

I used to have a Zoom 802.11b PCI NIC, part of which was a PC card with an antenna jack. Both the hardware and drivers proved unreliable though.

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wireless pcmcia

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to wireless pcmcia

My favorite is Linksys, which supports WPA2. To take advantage of WPA or WPA2, if you have Windows, the simplest way is with XP/SP2 or Win2K with a 3rd party utility like WPA Assistant. Make sure whatever you get is WiFi certified.

Craig Herberg

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Orinoco and Netgear

by Hockeyist In reply to wireless pcmcia

Understand your aerials.

The best cards, in my opinion, are the Orinoco Gold and the Netgear WG511. there are more b than g installations at the moment.

Due to the fact that most people are complete morons and don't secure their wireless networks it causes problems for some people who accidently access the moron's networks. There are 3-4 out of 5 wireless networks that are not secure.
To reduce your chances of being caught because you "accidently" accessed someone else's network buy your cards with cash. Also stay away from those cheap and nasty USB wireless "things". You get what you pay for (with cash).

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What about cellular cards?

by ohiois In reply to Orinoco and Netgear

I use a Linksys box at home as well. I was curious if anyone has used cellular wireless cards? I also use a Sierra Wireless Aircard for my laptop. I find it is much easier and I never have to worry about finding a hot spot when I need one. Is there a reason these aren't more popular?

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802.11 n (pre standard)

by tbragsda In reply to wireless pcmcia

I installed a Belken 802.11 pre-n for testing. Unreal. I dont know about the advertised 300% more coverage, but range is outside anything else I have worked with.

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by advancedgeek In reply to 802.11 n (pre standard)

When do you think 802.11n will hit the shelves? Is the 802.11n backwards compatible with the 11g, or 11b? Do you get the good coverage with the same ol speeds? The more I find out about wireless, the more I realize I don't really know that much about it.

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You can get them now.

by tbragsda In reply to oooh

The Belken is on shelves now. Works with G/B, no A. Says better coverage for old 11B/G cards, I can say its true to some extent. Better signal strength at distances, less droped connections. Has WPA/WEP.

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