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    wireless peer-to-peer network


    by sacjatt3 ·

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to set up a wireless peer-to-peer dial up internet connection. I have two computers with wireless cards, and i was one computer connected to the net and the other computer shares its internet connection threw the wireless card, i want to do this with out access points, (ad-hoc) if anyone can help, that would be greatfull, thanks

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      wireless peer-to-peer network

      by the young one ·

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      Couple of things you’ll need to do.

      You need to change the ‘Type of Radio Network’ you use. Change it from Auto Detect to Peer to Peer.

      Next, set up Internet Connection Sharing on the host machine. This will give your guest pc the right ip settings and DHCP lease to be able to do this.

      Any problems, mail me at

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