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Wireless Printing Problem

By jamo69 ·
I've Looked all over and can't seem to find a similar solution so maybe someone can help.

I recentley added a vista laptop to a home network with 2 xp laptops and 2 xp desktops.

HP1020 printer is hooked up to one of the desktops. After reinstalling the 1020 so vista can use it, the desktops will print no problen but one of the laptops print jobs won't print till the (server) laotop is reset.

I've reinstalled the printer twice on both machines and still the same result.

Any Ideas?

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won't print till the (server) laotop is reset. ???

by Babar1 In reply to Wireless Printing Problem

won't print till the (server) laotop is reset.??

Wat u mean by this ??

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Proof Reading?

by jamo69 In reply to won't print till the (ser ...

Sorry I was i a rush. The printer is hooked up to a XP desktop computer and shared. I have no problem printing from another XP desktop and the Vista laptop.

When I try to print from the XP laptop The job goes into the print spooler but will not print. I restart the Desktop that the printer is attached to and the print jobs print?

I just don't get it?

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"Share" a printer

by mmsquinn In reply to Wireless Printing Problem

Lets assume I have one desktop computer attached to a printer, and one wireless laptop. Both are connected to a ROUTER with wireless ablity. Both run WinXP.

On Desktop computer, START > PRINTERS > (select your printer)and RT-click it. Select "Sharing..." and follow instructions.
Reboot Desktop (may be optional!)

Re LAPTOP - START > PRINTERS > ADD-PRINTER > (check "network...", not "local...".
YOu may want to select the remote printer to be designated as DEFAULT for the laptp. You may have to designate the remote printer's "Sharing..." property as above.

Good luck.

If yours is a HOME network, be SURE that both belong to the same WORKGROUP.

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by jamo69 In reply to "Share" a printer

The printer is shared! I can print to it form other printers on the network But when I print from the problem laptop all printjobs won't print until I reset the desktop which the printer it attached?

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More info, please

by TNT@support In reply to Wireless Printing Problem

mmsquinn gave you good advice and information. If that does not work out for you then please provide us with detailed information.

For instance, what OS is the print server running? What OS is the laptop that cannot print running? Is the print server directly connected to the router, or is it connected wirelessly?

Hope it comes together for you.

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..same WORKGROUP.....?

by mmsquinn In reply to More info, please

Not sure, but it may be important to have all your computers are in the same WORKGROUP.

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