Wireless problem

By pravinbihani ·
I had a wireless system working well with my computer. Now it does not. It detects the wireless systems and connects. However can not get internet. My wireless router IP is and it does not ping. ARP -a gives no IP addresses connected to my system. Routing and Remote services are disabled. Can somebody suggest me the solution?

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Some things to check

by Langlier In reply to Wireless problem

1. What type of internet provider are you going through? Cable, DSL, other?

2. Is your provider assigning your router an ip address. you may need to reset your modem (assuming dsl/cable) and possibly your router as well. You can verify if your router has an IP assigned to it in your routers configuration settings

without more detail i cant offer much more advise then the above.

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details provided

by pravinbihani In reply to Wireless problem

I have two services and both connected to different service providers. One DSL and other cable. Both have same problem. I also have two laptops and both work with similar settings.

DSL: DSL modem has built-in wireless router also. I have provided as its IP. The LAN output is connected to the switch which has few more computers and all of them work through wired LAN. One of the desk top has wireless card and this connects to wireless system but can not ping and therefore can not coneect to LAN.

Cable: Cable is connected to cable modem and the modem is connected to another wireless router which has IP . Whenever there is problem with either service provider, I switch the router connection to the switch. All computers on LAN and two laptops work but only this one desktop with wireless connection does not.

Thanks for your interest in helping me.

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Check your config

by quincywalltech In reply to Wireless problem

connect you computer to the wan side of the router as it is connected to your DSL using a hub (not a switch) then run wire shark on the computer to look at the external packets this should clue you into whats going on.


When setting up a wirless router we forget to set the DNS servers and let the ISP set them which can slow down the connection.

A lot of times a slow connection is realy the DNS servers, your are using - are overloaded. Most isp's run a standard BIND server that is very veunerable to floods that can be common with older Linksys routers. has daily updated servers that are open to the public.

Try changing your DNS servers on your router to these.

Also note that if you have a Linksys (Or other router with three DNS slots) populate all three.

Helpfull sites.

Hope this gets you back up and running.

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