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Wireless Problem

By nickm172 ·
have to WaveLan Access points 25 miles apart
link test shows connection is excellent and throughput should be good. has 8 meg Bronze Turbo card in each. Can only get 45k accross the connection have run a network analyzer on it and see no problems. Have an associate in another state with the exact same setup and he is getting 4.5 mbps across his connection. Have checked everything under the sun that I can think of. there is only one pc connected via hub on the remote end so I know its not a bandwidth usage problem the local end is run through a HP 4000 switch. Both units have be updated with the latest software and configuration. What could be the problem?

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Wireless Problem

by serrin In reply to Wireless Problem

Sounds like your heads on straight so
this will sound like a very simplistic
solution, but it sounds like a cabling
issue at one end or another. The point to
point transfer rates could be fine but
slowed down by one bad cable into the
switch at one end or the hub at the other.
sounds like a lame solution I know but
replace any patch cables with good and
make sure they are not next to any
interference problems. Move tha all
around to be sure. I would like to here
how it turns out

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Wireless Problem

by nickm172 In reply to Wireless Problem

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