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    Wireless Problems


    by jblakemore ·

    Subject: Wi-Fi Problems

    Host Computer?Dell Dimension 8200
    OS?Windows 2000
    IP Configuration
    Ethernet Adapter Starband
    Description-LinkSys LNE 100TX(v.5) Fast Ethernet A
    DHCP Enabled Yes
    Auto Configuration Enabled Yes
    IP Address
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway
    DHCP Servers
    DNS Servers

    Wireless Access Point?LinkSys WAP54G
    WEP Enabled 64 bit

    Guest Computer?Dell Inspiron Laptop 1150
    Windows XP Home Edition
    512mb Memory
    30gb Harddrive
    Wireless Adapter?Dell WLAN 1450 Dualband WLAN Mini-PCI Card

    We have set up a wireless network at the small resort that uses Starband Satellite Internet.
    I have checked and rechecked all of the setting for the Guest computer and the Wireless Access Point several times but sometimes the Guest Computer will connect to the network with no problems and at other times it will see the Access Point but will not connect to the Internet. This is the only computer that has this problem as all of the other guests can connect each and every time. Does anyone have any help or suggestions?

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      Reply To: Wireless Problems

      by lwebb ·

      In reply to Wireless Problems

      Wireless Adapter?Dell WLAN 1450 Dualband WLAN Mini-PCI Card

      Oi! Setting off fire alarms for me.

      We had similar problems at our company. I remember the fix was to download updated drivers from Dell and re-install… I remember because that was THE exact same Dell adapter, the 1450…

      However, if it’s a “Guest” Computer that may or may not be a good idea or even possible if the machine doesn’t belong to you.

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