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By Sprocket ·
We have wireless points in many of our sites, but one site is insisting on having wireless installed but we feel it wont work and is a waste of money. Has anyone any experience in the following senario;

Building site with multiple portable steal container units being used as offices.

We feel that if a wireless router is positioned inside one container, then there will be little or no signal in the other containers, but has anyone tested this.

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Just an idea

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Wireless Question

but can you use a steel container as a super ariel?

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Power Adaptors

by BobTheITBuilder In reply to Just an idea

I am safely assuming you have mains electricity in each of the Container Offices so my suggestion would be to place a Wireless Power Adaptor in each container connected through to the primary unit where the router is located.

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by Sprocket In reply to Power Adaptors

to expensive for the number of users

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Quick test

by jdmercha In reply to Wireless Question

Do their cell phones work as well inside the containers as they do outside?

If they don't work inside then you have your proof that a radio signal won't penitrate the containers.

Or get a cheap set of two-way radios and see if those work.

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Over here in AU

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wireless Question

We use a lot of Prefab demountable buildings to do the job in remote locations and they can double as sleeping quarters for the staff that are on site. Currently they come in a wide variety of applications but are generally known as Dongas.

For Staff quarters they use them singularly and for offices they double up with them and effectively knock out one long wall and just bolt two together.

With a conventional WiFi connection there is significant Signal loss outside the building and the range is limited significantly. Though you will still get a connection in nearby buildings but as it's WiFi it's much slower than a wired LAN which might be worth pointing out to the people if there are several users they could be looking at less than dial up connection speeds.

Where the buildings will be static we generally run cable around the place as it's faster and gives a better end result but in cases where the Dongas are constantly being moved around we fit WiFi Access points to the remote Dongas so that they can be moved without the need to dig up cable and rerun it. From this prospective though not as good it works out cheaper in the long run.

But as a general rule of thumb the more metal between the initial transmission point and the remote access points the lower the quality of the signal and there can be frequent Drop Outs as well because of the way that Radio works it can suddenly Skip for no apparent reason. Also if you are looking at achieving any range you are going to need WiFi Extenders to achieve this and as you'll be using an open Access point you then need to consider what security you need in place. If this site is in a remote area you can probably get by with none but if it is in a populated area the cost of securing the WiFi Access Point can become prohibitive in a very short time.

The Cell Phone analogy isn't good enough here as you need 2 way to actually measure the ability to penetrate the walls to get a signal and then you need to keep in mind that the power out put from a Wireless Hub is quite often far lower than the 2 Way Transceivers as this power output is Mandated by Government Regulations. So the reception could be worse that any tests show.

If there is an existing wired setup I would stick with it but if this is a new site I would suggest that they go with the WiFi but only under the condition that when they find that it is unsuitable for their needs they can not have it changed over to a wired LAN unless they personally pay the costs involved.

That alone should knock the entire idea on the head. You could also use the same setup if it is an established place where they just want the flexibility to move around without being tied to a desk. If that is the case you could suggest that they all go Blackberry as that would be a better option.

But as I don't know how many are involved and how big the site actually is it's a bit hard to give a better answer.

But if this is any help I'm currently setting up a CAM facility where the original idea was to go entirely WiFi but as the building covers an acre of ground and is 3 stories high it very rapidly became obvious that Optical Fiber as a backbone was the only real workable solution. The costs of converting the CAM Machines to accept WiFi connections alone cost far more than the entire Optical Fiber infrastructure. It also added 3 months to the delivery date as the machines had to be modified by the makers and they wouldn't guarantee that they would work reliably.


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Just the answer I was looking for

by Sprocket In reply to Over here in AU

Very helpful, cheers

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