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Wireless Range 802.11b vs 802.11g

By dhony41 ·
I'm implementing a wireless network (SMC) and having some problems with the range. Obviously the walls are more solid than I anticipated. Anyway, at the moment I have the SMC2804 configured for 802.11b/802.11g mixed mode. I have implemented a repeater to improve the range, (which it has to a degree), but my question is, will I get abetter range if I drop to 802.11b. I've found a few articles suggesting this but they're all a few years old. Throughput is not a major issue because it will only be used for broadband access. Even with the repeater cutting the speed in half I reckon we can afford the dop in speed if we can get the sufficient range. Haven't tried it yet because I want to be sure. Don't want to go back on the client site without getting it sorted once and for all. (I reckon they're sick of the sight of me at this stage).

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by hozcanhan In reply to Wireless Range 802.11b vs ...

I have set up wireless of the same brand of the b standard and g standart . IF THEIR OUTPUT POWER (mW) WAS THE SAME , b WAS beating the g . This was true for old keying algorithm models ( QPSK ; CCK etc)But recently g standart models are using OFDM modulation and for the same distance we can get a higher Mbits. Ironically , we are also getting the same signal strength at the same distances. That is you cannot say b has more range then g . Scientifically they are both at 2.4Ghz , same energy . Your problem seems more like a gain problem . Why don't you use a directional antenna ? Put one to the AP pointing at the repeater and one to the Repeater pointing toward the AP. Possibly there are two patch antennae on each anyway. Better still , put a "pigtail" antenna cable to these directional antenna and to overcome the barriers. PM if you wish and I can provide a drawing or schema . Please , include distances and brands and other info

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by Sardukkan In reply to Wireless Range 802.11b vs ...

I got much better range when I used a real access point in the network. One of my sites is covering a whole 10k sf shop with two Linksys AP's
Also try mounting the SMC up as High in the room as you can get it.
The other post suggesting the high gain anttenna's is also a good suggestion.

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