wireless rf modules.

By avenged_sevenfold_1 ·
Is it possible to bypass a antenna rf wireless module, or possibly upgrade it to a better solution??

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What is it in?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to wireless rf modules.

Without knowing what you have there it's not possible to offer any solution that may work for you.

But assuming this Module is in a Notebook type system you can always open the NB and remove the Module it will just unplug from the M'Board and Antenna. However finding one that will work with that M'Board connection is another matter.

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by NealXu In reply to What is it in?

Hi...i think this is bad for 2.4Ghz, the 2.4Ghz signal will reflect off all metal surfaces and cause the signal to drop out. The best way round this is to aim the TX and the RX arials at each other, this means using patch type aerials. Clear line of sight between both aerials is important at 2.4Ghz for a good signal.


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