wireless roughter conflict with home secerity system

By stevun ·
Ok so my dad just got this new home wireless security system and every night he turns it on around 9pm. when he goes to bed and doesnt turn it off untill about 8am. now as soon as he turns it on the whole house looses internet since we're
set up wirelessly. My question is how can i prevent this? is there a way i can set up my system so that the wireless internet does not confilct with the wireless security system.
:note that 2 of these cameras (out of 5 or 6)
are infered.

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Common 2.4GHz frequency being used here ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to wireless roughter conflic ...

That'll be the primary cause of the interference - both systems running within the same radio frequency range.

Routers and wireless computers have a range of 'channels' from 1 to 13.

You could check on the computer(s) in the 'Wireless Connection' and see what channel they are set for at present. Most likely they will be set to run on either Channel-6 or Channel-11 (these are the channels least likely to be interfered with by things like mobile phones or getting crosstalk from other wireless computer network systems). However, I've never had to adjust a wireless computer system to cope with a wireless security system.

I suggest you start at channel-1 and it'll be sort of hit&miss until you find a channel that doesn't get interference.

There is always the possibility that the security system could be set to run on a different frequency - that would solve the problem in one fell swoop. :)

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Switch Wireless Network Type

by TheChas In reply to wireless roughter conflic ...

As someone who has worked a lot with RF and EMI issues, your only viable option is to switch to a different wireless band. Or, switch to wired networking.

Without knowing more details about both your wireless network and the security system, it sounds like both systems are using the same RF frequency spectrum. As such, the stronger transmitter takes control of the spectrum.

It is possible that one of the cameras has a "dirty" signal. You could try turning off the cameras one at a time to see if any one camera is causing the interference. If just one camera is the problem, it might be defective.

Another thing you can experiment with is placement of the equipment. I would want to have both the wireless router and any computer that connects to it be a minimum of 20 feet away from either the security system base station or any cameras and other sensors that transmit back to the base.

It would also be worth the time to contact the company that made or installed the security system. They may have a simple fix such as changing the carrier frequency of the security system, or lowering the transmitter power level.

Still, all in all, my personal preference for correcting the problem would be to switch to wired networking.


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