wireless router

By heinrich_kapp ·
I have a wireless router (iptime pro 54G the model is ip0418)that I want to use to get internet access but I want to uses the wireless port and not the wan port
If i creat a pppoe connection on the router it connects to the internet but i can not surf the internet from my pc I am using win xp pro
Can some one please help me with the setup or config of the router and pc

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You need

by Jesus_C In reply to wireless router

An internal wireless pci lan.If iam catching your drift correctly.

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wireless router

by heinrich_kapp In reply to You need

my pc is connected directly to the router on lan port 1 I can ping to the router and access it on its web based config but if i want to surf the net it gives me page can not be displayed even if the pppoe is connected with the user name and password

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internet connection

by techsupport In reply to wireless router

are you able to ping sites like or ? if not check to see that your router is getting the correct DNS nameserver from your ISP.

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Go to lan settings

by Jesus_C In reply to wireless router

in internet properties under connectios and make sure automatically detect settings is ticked.If you know your proxy and port number ,type that in instead

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not use the WAN port?

by CG IT In reply to wireless router

first question is what is the reason for not using the WAN port?

second question how are you creating a PPPOE connection to your ISP without using the WAN port?

the router does as the name implies, routes traffic and can only route traffic through it's WAN port. A router performs an inspection of packets and determines if the packet is destined for the LAN or WAN. If the packet is not destined for the LAN, it will forward the packet to the WAN interface. If no WAN interface is available [no known route] the router will drop the packets.

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